Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sci-Fi Bunker, Pt.6

As promised, Part 6. Been catching up on all the little things. Here I'm improving a GW AutoCannon, probably for the upper level. Its muzzle and flash-suppressor were not perfectly round, nor concentric. I drilled out the original, and replaced it with some Plastruct tubes. This first shot exhibits the one thing I really dislike about Games Workshop's plastic--- it's too damn soft. Look at the scratches, that is after using 600 grit paper. (When building one of their larger models, I have to be careful not to accidentally scratch it with a thumbnail.) Thankfully, the primer I use generally fills them in. The second pic shows how I covered a bad seam on the magazine with some brass disks.

I sprayed the rear entrance with a different (coarser) texture paint, and I like the way it looks. I painted the piping turquoise. Hey, I've got a Southwestern motif going on here.
I spent some time tidying up the upper levels, adding edging and panels to cover seams, or pipes to hide major oopses. (I still have some to go.) I also installed some brass hand rails. This wasn't my idea, OSHA requirements.
I painted the front cover with Polly-S Soviet Brown. I know, I know, it looks like orange to me too. But, you know those crazy Soviets......! If it grows on me, I'll probably paint the whole upper level with it. Help a fellow out, what do you think of the color?
The jury is in, and I agree with you-----the Soviet Brown has got to go. (Soon after the judgement was pronounced, the color in question was marched to the roof, where it was promptly executed. At the same time, the offending cover was repainted with Testor's Olive Drab, while all mention and evidence of the Xxxxxx Xxxxx was removed from the records and archives.)

Here is a couple of shots of the olive drab. (You will like this color, Yes?)
I'm anxious to begin painting the upper levels, which will entail a lot of masking. Before that can happen, I need to add all the little details I've been holding-off on. Being a bunker, it is automatically a defensive position. The main weapon in the lower level is a large, powerful, area-controlling device. I have always envisioned the level above as a gun position too, but one for a smaller, close-in weapon to defend the bunker itself. I began by bending square brass stock to fit the top of the wall, and gluing it in place. I made a second piece, mimicking the first, but smaller enough to leave a 3/32" gap all around. Two wire 'U's' joined the ends together.
Next I took an AutoCannon, cut off the mounting nub, then drilled it out for a.........wait for it.........3/32" brass rod. I made a 90° bend in the wire and glued it in the hole, but not before adding a styrene disk for extra stability. The distance between the bottom of the disk and the top of the wire is the thickness of the square stock.
Now just turn the cannon to either side, drop it through the slot, and twist it outward. It can slide from side to side, and pivot from every position. I just need to add a few supports, and it will be rock steady.
I finished adding details to the upper levels, mostly brass railings and such.
That's it for Part 6. Join us again next time for Part 7. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.  Don

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