Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sci-Fi Bunker, Pt. 8

I think I can bring you up to date in Part 8. I've been working on the 'lower skirt' of the small bunker. Here it is with the front and two of the side sections complete. Actually, I've gouged out the terrain so the two rear sections could be installed. The bunker is sitting primed as I write this, waiting to be masked. The next time you see it, it will be all painted.
 Here is the ramp feeding the bunkers from behind.

The red material is DAS air-drying clay. I needed to use it to smooth over the foam base, which had gotten pretty chewed up. Here we are looking down the ramp to a chamber underneath the main bunker. 
 The stairs before painting.

And after a coat of St Lawrence Blue. I liked it so much, I did all the ramps with it as well.

Finished the front skirts of the small bunker, then painted it to match the main bunker. (Oh look, the gun finally has six barrels.)

Working on another shooting position in the ruins.
OK, the center and left positions of the complex are significantly finished.

Now I need to work on the right. I have this idea of a multi-barreled, auto-loading mortar buzzing around in my head.
Well, we're all caught up to date. Looks like I need to wheel this project back to the workbench.  Don

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